The Architectural Concept
/ Luxury Gated Community
A gated community of private villas with lavish gardens, Ajaltoun Valley overlooks a stunning rocky valley. Several garden gates with climbing plants and different themes mirror the surrounding natural beauty. Even the architecture seamlessly blends in with the milieu. The villas’ facades are a wondrous combination of contemporary allure and traditional Lebanese motifs. Red tiled slanting roofs and sandstone cladding meet modern forms and edges to create a unique impression.
/ The Village
Rising 600 to 650m above sea level, Ajaltoun is a gem in the mountains. Located 24 km away from Beirut and only 8 km from the main Jounieh to Beirut highway, Ajaltoun is a world of tranquillity that is easy to access. It is home to many restaurants and hotels, five schools and 13 churches, some of which have a rich history that dates back to 1760. An attractive haven all year round with its cool summers and crisp winters.
The Views
/ Day & Night
Ajaltoun is a world of tranquillity that is easy to access.
Ajaltoun Valley boasts impressive views of lush greenery and rolling mountains. Beneath this surrounding serenity, lies a place bustling with community and choice.